Through this plastic surgery it is possible to give a new shape to the nose, to provide greater harmony to the face. It can remove the nasal hump, reduce and lift an elongated tip or drop, thus improving the angle between the nose and the lip.

Advantages and benefits

  • The nose harmonizes better with the rest of the facial features
  • Natural results by appropriate surgical techniques are achieved
  • Significant improvement of self-esteem as change is visible and permanent

Time of







Procedures carried out


CQB Recommends


1 - Do not expose yourself to the sun during the first three months after surgery; otherwise the sun can produce irreversible spots on your skin.

2 -Do not smoke during the first three months; smoking can slow down the healing process.

3 - The plugged nose due to the nose package and secretions may cause discomfort which the patient has to patiently and calmly tolerate and accept.

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