Patient Safety Policy


Permanent evaluation of the risks associated with care, implementation of necessary safety barriers.

We are committed to Patient Safety through the process of care, through ongoing education and awareness of our employees.

It is the set of structural elements, processes, tools and methodologies based on scientifically proven evidence that aim to minimize the risk of suffering an adverse event in the health care process or mitigate its consequences.

International Patient
Safety Goals

  • Correctly identify patients
  • Improve effective communication.
  • Improve safety in high-risk medications.
  • Right surgery in the right place and to the right patient.
  • Reduce healthcare-associated infections.
  • Reduce the risk of damage from falls.

Insurance and policies

Thinking that no surgical procedure is free of risks during or after the operation, our clinic offers you an individual policy that will recognize and cover the expenses derived from a medical complication, as a consequence of a covered plastic, aesthetic or bariatric surgery.


The main objective of the policy is to protect the patient financially, covering any risk or possible complication that may occur during the plastic surgery and/or its post-operative period, in which the causal relationship between the surgery or surgical procedure and the complication presented is demonstrated.


For us it is a differentiating value compared to other clinics and surgeons, as we offer our patients protection against any possible complications without affecting our assets. We also contribute to the Patient Social Responsibility Program by demonstrating commitment to the quality of their service and medical staff.


  • - Ambulance service
  • - Complications external to the surgery
  • - Blood Transfusions*
  • - Surgeries other than aesthetic and plastic surgery
  • - Lack of patient care
  • - Age no younger than 18 older 64 (65 to 74 with prior authorization)


  • - Medical Expenses
  • - Surgical Expenses
  • - Hospital Expenses
  • - Pharmaceutical Expenses

Steps to Follow


Contact your treating physician (the plastic surgeon who operated on you) directly.


Present policy and original document.


Patients with two nationalities must leave a Colombian cedula so that they can always present it and their passport must also be left with entry stamps.



To offer surgeons the necessary safety and comfort conditions for the practice of their surgical practice, providing them with suitable and committed personnel, as well as optimal equipment and facilities, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.


and private and government guarantees

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