What does this surgery consist of?

Otoplasty is surgery for the ears, and is a procedure that is found in classified as ambulatory, with a short recovery time, and that correct the size of the ears in a way that is harmonious with the face, or face, so that there is harmony and beauty.

It is one of the lowest risk surgeries, a stay of no more than one hour. in the operating room, three days of disability and a shocking and successful outcome for the patient.

and Benefits

  • Elimination of the Dumbo complex.
  • Security and increased self-esteem
  • Self-confidence.
  • Decreased teasing from people you know.
  • Respect for others and self-respect.
  • Facial Harmony
  • Improves the patient's level of relationship with their environment

Intervention time







Procedures performed


CQB recommends


1 - Avoid tanning for the first three months after surgery, or it may cause irreversible skin spots.

2 - You should not smoke for three months, the cigarette does not promote healing.

3 - The discomfort that you should tolerate the most, and you should do so calmly and confidently, is having your nose plugged with stoppers and secretions.

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