What does it consist of
this procedure?

It is the surgery that deals with changes in size, shape or position of the chin. Mentoplasty focuses on patients who have cases with a poorly developed chin as cases with a prominent chin. For both situations there are recommended surgical techniques.

  • Chin augmentation: It is recommended depending on the case, the use of a prosthesis that is inserted through a small incision in the mucosa.
  • Advance of the chin: The bone is moved in an exact way to correct the default.
  • Infiltration of fatty tissue: Injection of the patient's fatty tissue.

Chin reduction: the chin structure and projection is modified. The remodeling of the proportions of the bone will be done and work will be done in this area where there is an excess, so the elimination will take place.

Advantage and Benefits

  • Facilitates and improves the quality of love encounters.
  • As it is a laser technique, recovery is simple.
  • Increase the pleasure of intercourse.
  • This procedure ostensibly improves the woman's self-esteem.
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