It is the surgical procedure by which the excess of subcutaneous fat is aspirated to achieve a more molded body.

Eliminates unsightly accumulations of fat by suctioning, through a thin tube or cannula, by small incisions made in places that are not visible. After liposculpture the body will have a more aesthetic and light contour.

and benefits

  • It achieves a notorious improvement of the body contour in the short term, for that reason it is the surgery that more patients are performed.
  • It removes clumps of fat that are not eliminated either with diets or with exercise.
  • It leaves minimal scars since the incisions made are very small and fade over time until they are almost imperceptible.
  • Ostensibly improves the self-esteem of patients when they see a more harmonious and molded body.

Type of surgery

Time of
immediate recovery

Time of
final recovery


Procedures carried out


CQB Recommends


1 -Absolute rest is not required..

2 -To promote healing, resume normal activities as soon as possible to the best of your abilities.

3 -Do not expose yourself to the sun during the first three months after surgery; otherwise the sun can produce irreversible spots on your skin.

4 -Do not smoke during three months, as smoking can slow down the healing process.

5 -Use a tailor-made post-surgical girdle.

6 -The patient should take sufficient time to attend the post-surgical lymphatic drainage massages. The plastic surgeon shall prescribe the number of sessions.

7 -The inflammation shall persist until the third or fourth month. As of the sixth month the final result can be appreciated.

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