Arm and leg lifts


What is this procedure?

The lifting of legs or arms consists of the correction of the excess of skin in the members. This type of intervention is usually requested by patients who are have suffered a significant weight loss, usually from a treatment of obesity. In the case of the arms, there need not have been any obesity. but if there is usually a history of a loss of weight or muscle mass. The lifting of legs or arms is indicated when there is a great flaccidity. of fabrics that produce an unsightly appearance at the level of the arms and face inside the thighs.

and Benefits

  • Eliminates flaccidity
  • Eliminates excess skin through weight loss
  • Provides a rejuvenated appearance
  • The benefits are not only aesthetic, but also functional. In patients who have lost excessive weight, the arm and thigh lifts can be a good idea. the best decision to eliminate rashes that these people may have on the arms and legs from the excess skin. It also makes the clothes fit and makes the person feel more comfortable, making them feel thinner and more comfortable. better.

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