Clinical laboratory


What is this procedure?

It has all the quality standards that guarantee the final result of the laboratory tests, with suitable and highly committed personnel.

With ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.


  • Routine exams
  • Special tests in Hematology
  • Paternity Tests
  • Finger prick sampling
  • Analysis of the peripheral spreading under a microscope
  • Quality Control of the tests.

Why do it at the CQB

It is an integral institution where you find everything to enhance your beauty. A complete package for the well-being of patients.

For the quality

It uses the necessary inputs of the highest quality to obtain the good results that support physicians in making decisions that benefit patients.

It has the physical infrastructure and technology required to perform laboratory tests in accordance with current standards.

The main objective of the policy is to protect the patient financially, covering any risk or possible complication that may occur during the plastic surgery and/or its post-operative period, in which the causal relationship between the surgery or surgical procedure and the complication presented is demonstrated.


Advantages and Benefits of doing it at the CQB


1 - Specialized services are available to the patient on a permanent basis, according to medical requirements, including testing within the services offered.

2 - Personalized attention.

3 - Direct and timely communication between the laboratory and the surgeon in case of any immediate requirement that involves making decisions regarding the patient's health status.

4 - High quality technology.

5 - Systematic processing of evidence.

6 - External quality control, which guarantees efficient results.

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