The Surgical Center of Beauty We work on enhancing the beauty that is in each of our patients, through a wide range of comprehensive services focused on health, nutrition and the balance body and mind, plus all our experience through professionals aligned in meet the needs of our national and international clients.



We are a private institution that provides the necessary resources to meet the needs of plastic surgeons and other professions committed to aesthetic improvement, with the aim of exceeding the expectations of patients who place their trust in us to enhance their beauty.
We are located in the city of Santiago de Cali, and we have facilities, equipment and instruments of the highest quality, qualified personnel and other complementary services to provide comprehensive care with ethics and quality within a pleasant work environment.


Maintain our leadership as the best option in plastic surgery in the City and be recognized nationally and internationally for the quality and comprehensiveness of our services, in addition to the educational and clinical research activities that we develop.






CQB abre sus puertas

con el nombre Clínica de la Nariz y Senos.


Primera ampliación de la Clínica

se estructura un segundo quirófano, se amplía el espacio de recuperación,

se crean dos salas y consultorios adicionales.


Se realiza la segunda reforma de la clínica

se estructura un tercer quirófano, se vuelve a ampliar la sala de recuperación

y se construye una red de aire acondicionado.


Se plantea el proyecto de ampliación de la clínica con el edificio contiguo al existente

para la construcción de otro quirófano, ampliar la sala de recuperación,

Se cambia el nombre de la clínica por el ‘Centro Quirúrgico de la Belleza’


Se realiza una nueva ampliación de la Clínica

haciendo una estructura nueva en dos edificios contiguos con todos los estándares

gubernamentales que rigen para todas las entidades de salud.


Se inaugura la sede actual de CQB

dando apertura a nuevos e integrales servicios con instalaciones cómodas y mejorando los quirófanos, pasando de tres a cinco.

Se crean nuevos espacios para los consultorios con sus respectivas salas de espera y recepciones


se realiza la apertura del sexto quirófano, completando seis.


Inauguración del salón múltiple José Oriol Vásquez.


Organization chart CQB


Institutional principles


1 - We are interested and committed to our users and their results..

2 -We act with integrity, discretion and ethics professional, prioritizing in the user's medical safety for your total tranquility.

3 - We prioritize the user's medical security for their total tranquility.

4 - We cultivate our service culture emphasizing warmth, honesty and professionalism, that's why we work with love for what we do and around the well-being of our patients.

5 - We work with love for what we do and around welfare of our patients


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