What does it consist
of this procedure?

It occurs in man as a special condition, usually benign, in which the tissue of the mammary gland increases considerably in its size. This situation is common in hormonal periods experienced by man such as adolescence, childhood or old age. The procedure is ambulatory and involves performing a liposuction and a resection of the mammary gland in order to reduce the size of it.

Advantages and benefits

  • Improves the patient's image and self-esteem.
  • It is a simple and safe procedure.
  • The specialist will make an incision in the armpit and through this will extract the mammary gland, which is the cause of excess breast volume. In some cases it is not necessary to remove, since with breast liposuction it is possible to solve the problem. An incision is also made in the armpit where the excess fat will be removed by means of a cannula. It is usually two combined treatments with immediate effects.
  • It is a surgery that does not need hospitalization

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