1How long has CQB been providing its services?

We are a private health organization with over 27 years’ experience in surgical and post-surgical services with the highest level of quality and Safety in plastic surgery. We are the most recognized institution in South West Colombia.

How much experience do the doctors have?
We have doctors from different universities in Colombia, specialized in several countries. To review their CV please visit CQB Cirujanos Plásticos

Is your doctor approved by the Society of Plastic Surgery?
Be sure to look for a professional Endorsed by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, as sown here: (video explicativo)

2Is the clinic certified?

Our certifications guarantee your safety. We are pioneers in ICONTEC and IQNET, ISO 9001 certification, for the quality of our processes and compliance with the Quality and Safety Management standard. We have modern biomedical facilities and equipment and strict security protocols in all processes..

3What are the risks of allergic reaction to my procedure?

At CQB we perform surgical procedures with protocols focused on patient safety. We require pre-surgical basic exams to assess the patient's health (we identify if the patient is eligible for surgery) and post-operative exams (the day after surgery) to monitor the patient's condition.

Some risks arising from a surgical procedure include:

Scar opening.
Keloid scar (wide and deformed).
Necrosis (death of a tissue).
Death in cases of severe complications.
Source: Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery

4How long is recovery time?

The time it takes a patient to resume normal activities depends on the surgical procedure performed. CQB recommends that patients start walking moderately on the same day of surgery.

Although it depends on the type of intervention, most patients need some help coping during the first 3 to 4 days. At CQB the best rest for your postsurgical recovery is at our CQB Hotel & Spa.

CQB recommends that patients do not make efforts until the second week after the operation, and abstain from physical exercise (gym, etc.) for a month after the operation.

The Surgical Beauty Centre recommends the estimated time for immediate and total recovery by procedure

Immediate recovery 10 to 15 days, Total recovery 6 months

Immediate recovery 15 to 18 days, Total recovery 6 months

Breast augmentation:
Immediate recovery 12 days, Total recovery 6 months

Breast reduction or n:
Immediate recovery 12 days, Total recovery 6 months

Breast Lift:
Immediate recovery 15 days, Total recovery 6 months

Breast reconstruction or n:
Immediate recovery 30 days, Total recovery 6 months

Changing Breast Implants:
Immediate recovery 30 days, Total recovery 6 months

Rhinoplasty - aesthetic and functional:
Immediate recovery 15 days, Total recovery 6 months to 1 year

Facial and Neck Rejuvenation:
Immediate recovery 15 to 20 days, Total recovery 6 months

Blepharoplasty Eyelid Rejuvenation :
Immediate recovery 8 days, Total recovery 6 months

Intimate Rejuvenation:
Immediate recovery 10 days, Total recovery 2 months

Buttock Surgery:
Immediate recovery 10 days, Total recovery 3 months

Post Bariatric Surgery:
Immediate recovery 30 days, Total recovery 6 months

Bariatric Surgery:
Immediate recovery 5 to 7 days,

5How long does the procedure take?

The length of a surgical procedure may vary depending on its complexity.

6What are the risks of anaesthesia?

Anaesthesia in any procedure should be performed by an anaesthesiologist (Professional doctor trained specifically to perform this task with a specialization of three years in anaesthesiology) with skill and experience. * Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery

At CQB we perform surgical procedures with protocols focused on patient safety.

Some risks generated by anaesthesia:

Heart alterations.
Respiratory problems.

7What other services does the clinic provide?

We are a comprehensive Clinic, Our building offers all pre and post-surgical services from private clinics for each Physician, Modern surgery rooms, recovery and hospitalization, lymphatic drainage booths, hyperbaric oxygenation, dentistry, clinical laboratory and a Hotel & Spa specialized in Post-surgical recovery.

Surgery and recovery rooms
Post-surgical massages
Hyperbaric oxygenation
Hotel & Spa
Odontology aesthetic and implants
Specialized clinical laboratory
Nutrition or diet

8When can I have sex again?

CQB recommends resuming sexual intercourse one month after surgery for procedures such as liposculpture, abdominoplasty, breast surgery:.

When can I drive again?
CQB recommends resuming driving activity 5 months after the surgery.

When can I shower again?
CQB recommends showering again the day after your surgery, we recommend doing it with a hand shower or 'shower telephone', due to its ease and less effort in its use.

9Is the post-surgical complication policy necessary?

The policy is a guarantee and provides financial support in the event of a fortuitous event during the first month of recovery.

The complication policy covers:

Intensive care
Term of the policy: 30 days from the date of surgery. If the patient lives outside Colombia and during the term of the policy the patient suffers from a complication, the patient should go to his or her doctor or hospital in his / her place of residence and complete any activities corresponding to his / her total recovery . To make the policy effective, the patient must pay the invoices in his place of residence and send the corresponding documentation to Colombia, and thus make the reimbursement of the money, which will be made in local currency (Colombian pesos) The policy does not cover:

Outpatient Treatments
Doctor’s Exams
Medical Prescriptions given by other doctors

10What are some recommendations before surgery?

The week before your surgery Beware of medications you take

Abstain from consuming drugs containing to acetilsalicic acid that increase the chance of bleeding such as aspirin, Dristan, Asawin, Advil, Alkaseltzer, cold remedies, at least eight (8) days before surgery .
Notify the physician if you have taken these two weeks before surgery..
If you have a fever, cough or nasal congestion, tell your doctor before taking any medicine.
Remember that some of these antipyretic medicines can affect clotting
If you have a headache take Acetaminophen only, not Dolex.

Pre-surgical Recommendations
The day before your surgery Pay in advance and avoid inconvenience. Accounts for services rendered such as medical fees, anesthesiologist, room rights, policy and others, must be canceled in advance the day before your surgery.

Beware of what you eat, diet recommendations

If your plastic surgery is under general, epidural or local anesthesia: You must assist with the TOTALLY EMPTY STOMACH (6) six hours before the procedure to avoid respiratory complications.
If your surgery is under general anesthesia in the morning, do not eat or drink anything, or water. You should eat the night before 7:00 pm and drink liquids at 10:00 pm.

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