Buttock Surgery


Increasing of buttocks
with implants

For patients who want a larger volume, it is recommended to increase surgery with implants. From a point of view of aesthetics and harmony, the size of the prosthesis will depend on the patient's body texture and hip measurements. This set of data is what will give the surgeon the necessary tools to decide the ideal implant

Lifting buttocks

The buttock lift is sometimes called buttock lift or gluteal lipoinjection, is an aesthetic surgery that improves the appearance of the gluteus in a natural way and without the need for implants. Thanks to the latest innovations this intervention is made own gauze and is combined with other aesthetic treatments such as liposculpture or liposuction

and Benefits

  • When the filling is from the same patient there is no rejection or allergic reactions. And you can use large amounts and thus increase the volume quite
  • It improves the body contour and with it the self-esteem of the patients.
  • Increase the patient's self-esteem
  • Offers harmony to the figure
  • It is an effective and painless treatment
  • Being a gluteal lipoinjection with fat from the patient, there is no risk of rejection or allergies

Plastic surgery

Immediate recovery

Definitive recovery


Procedures carried out


CQB recommend


1 - You can return to normal activities by the sixth week.

2 - Avoid sun for the first month and do not do hard-to-work physical activities.

3 - You should not smoke for three months, the cigarette does not favor the cicatrization.

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