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The Obesity Clinic is made up of a group of professionals dedicated to the treatment of severe and morbid obesity through bariatric surgery, with the support of several specialists who participate in the process of preparation for the surgery and in the follow-up of the patient after it.

In addition, we have advanced technology and a highly qualified team to perform the different bariatric surgery procedures.


No more sweat, no more smell,
definitive treatment

The cause of localized excessive sweating is not known, up to 3% of people with diabetes do not know what causes it. people may have localized increase in sweating in the hands, armpits, face, scalp and feet, without having any other disease than to produce it. The disease as such is localized sweating. There's an association in localized hyperhidrosis, that is, that people who have this condition have this type of localized sweating, often have relatives, siblings, children, etc that also present the problem.

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