Abdominoplasty, also called abdominal lipectomy, is a plastic surgery designed to restore the esthetics of the abdomen by removing excess skin caused by pregnancy or significant weight loss. The incision of a tummy tuck is usually performed in the pubic area and around the navel, allowing stretched muscles to tighten and excess skin removed..

Mini-tummy tuck:

When the amount of excess skin is minimal, it is characterized by the removal of excess skin in the area below the navel. The incision is usually made in the bikini line, so it is not visible.


and benefits

  • Improves the appearance of flaccid and stretched muscles in the abdominal area and removes excess skin
  • The results will be permanent with the appropriate post-surgical process and with a correct lifestyle.

Type of plastic

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Procedures carried out



CQB Recommends


1 - Absolute rest is not compulsory, on the contrary it is advisable to integrate them as quickly as possible into your normal activities to the best of your abilities.

2 - Avoid tanning for the first three months after surgery, this can cause irreversible bumps on the skin.

3 - You should not smoke for three months, the cigarette does not favor the cicatrization.

4 - You should not drive vehicles for at least 15 days.

5 - Use a post surgical girdle for as long as your doctor tells you to.

6 - Post-surgical inflammation will remain until the third or fourth month. After the sixth month you can see the final result.

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